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To Vote?

Use this fillable form, print and bring to the town office; or fill out a voter registration card at the town office in person; or update your voter registration at a Bureau of Motor Vehicles location near you. Election Day registration is allowed with identity and residency verification. If your driver's license has your Washington address listed, that is the only documentation required. If you have not updated your driver's license yet, there are other ways to verify your residency such as a bank statement or utility bill in your name at the Washington address, or a current vehicle registration in Washington. Owning property in town IS NOT considered residency on its own. 

The State of Maine voter guide includes more FAQs, or watch the video below (transcript also below).

Transcript of video:

Hello there.  I’m Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap and I oversee Elections in the State of Maine. Voting is of critical importance to our democracy and I’m glad to see you’re interested in taking part. So let’s talk about how you can register to vote in Maine.

To become a registered Maine voter, you must be at least 17 years old, be a U.S. citizen and have established your principal home in Maine. You can register to vote at your town office, where you’ll receive a voter registration card. You can also register to vote at your Bureau of Motor Vehicles, social service agencies, or at a voter registration drive.

First, check off the boxes to confirm that you are a U.S. citizen and will be 18 years old by Election Day.  Then you must provide your legal name (no nicknames please), the address of where you currently live, and your complete date of birth.  If you get mail at a different address, please provide that mailing address where requested. 

Then you can choose a political party. You can join the Democratic Party, the Green Independent Party, or the Republican Party.

If you don’t want to join one of Maine’s three parties, check off “unenrolled.”

You must check either Yes or No to indicate whether you have previously registered to vote, either in or outside of Maine.  If you check Yes, you must provide the city or town, county and state where you were previously registered to vote.

You’re almost done. Let’s check out the other side of the voter registration card. This is where you include your former legal name if you’ve registered before under a different name. Now let’s talk about the voter identification requirements: When you register, you must provide your driver’s license number, your state ID number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.
Then, once you sign and date the card, you’ve finished filling it out.

You can submit your completed voter registration card to your municipal registrar or to the agency from which you received it. When you register for the first time in Maine, you’ll need to provide identity documents, too.

You can show a current utility bill, or use your driver’s license or ID, bank statement or paycheck stub. Any government document with your name and address will do. If you decide to mail your card and a copy of your identity document, make sure it will arrive at least 21 days before the next election.

If you forget to register to vote, don’t worry. The State of Maine has same-day voter registration. Simply fill out your card at the polls on Election Day. Once you are a registered voter in Maine, it’s good for life unless you change your name or address, so you’re ready to get informed and cast your ballot in the next election.